Advanced Analytics

Is your organiztion "Risk Capable"?

Risk capable refers to your organizations ability to grow and thrive in a risk-based payment environment. Whether its performance targets, bundled payments, capitation, shared or global risk, ORIZON360° has been ensuring our clients are risk capable for over 10 years.

We understand taking on Risk can be a challenge, but we make it easy with our proven process that takes you from risk to rewards in 3 simple steps:

Once deployed, your team will have access to detailed financial analytics for your risk contracts, including:

  • Financials: Detailed profit and loss statements by provider and provider group, any member population or sub-population, even by individual member - with or without risk adjustment

  • Expenses: For any dimension of your business, compare time periods, peer groups, geographies or any metric you choose

  • Utilization: Utilization and referral patterns by medical specialty, facility, department or geography

  • Pharmacy: Brand vs generic, top drug costs, trends

  • Members: Segment by group, PCP, geography, medical or expense category

  • Medical: Hospital admissions, readmissions and expenses by facility, geography, PCP, condition, member or any variable you choose

rockerbox® accurately adjudicates revenue and expense transactions for each risk contract and derives IBNR, Stop Loss and Risk Scores from your raw data. It even reconciles provider contracts and calculates payments and customized analyses of your risk contracts reconciled to your General Ledger.

Finally, Orizon360° completes the cycle by constantly monitoring your contracts and data and making revisions to your risk contract analytic model to ensure you are always maximizing your risk capability. ORIZON360°'s unique approach combines our expertise, consulting services, and our proven rockerbox® risk contract analytic platform to ensure our clients are fully Risk Capable".

With over $3 Billion of Risk contracts under management, orizon360 has the experience, tools and insights to help you get the most out of your Risk contracts.

You don't have to risk it alone.

Request a demonstation and find out how we help you take the right risks.