Solutions for Payers

Health Plans

With all the changes and complexities in healthcare, it is getting progressively more difficult for Health Plans to drive meaningful improvements and increase profitability.

ORIZON360°'s Healthcare Business Intelligence technology will allows a Health Plan to:

  • Consolidate, organize and validate data from any number of disparate sources and turn data into meaningful and actionable information
  • Incorporate any number of risk arrangements into the system and instantly see adjudicated financials
  • Identify gaps and opportunities at the touch of a button
  • Allow users to see as much or as little as you wish; allowing contracted providers to understand their metrics and performance
  • See and manage utilization patterns
  • Drive real Quality Improvement
  • Create a culture of performance across the entire organization
  • Create customizable dashboards for financial, operational and medical managers
  • Implement meaningful process improvement
  • Turn data into wisdom


Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control and new government legislation is changing the landscape of our healthcare system. It has never been more important than now for Employers who self-fund their healthcare benefits for their employees, to be able to see how their healthcare dollars are being spent, understand the trends associated with their population, and be able to see their data in a way that they can immediately take action to reduce costs and improve the quality of care.

Using our rockerbox® analytics platform, self-funded employers can:

  • Analyze and understand complex healthcare data
  • Understand utilization patterns
  • Identify costly referral patterns
  • Recognize and make decisions regarding high risk and high cost drivers
  • Verify claims paying accuracy
  • Improve patient care and the bottom line
ORIZON360° partners with employers to provide a hands on solution to manage costs, identify and manage risk, and improve patient outcomes.

Third Party Administrators

ORIZON360° is partnering up with TPA's to provide unique Healthcare Analytics solutions to better serve your clients.

ORIZON360°'s Healthcare Business Intelligence technology helps Third Party Administrators with:

  • Organizing and integrating disparate data from any number of sources and turn into raw data meaningful and actionable information.
  • Utilization
  • Referral Patterns
  • Provider contracting
  • Quality Improvement
  • Clinical Patient Profiling
  • Accurate Claims Payments