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Healthcare is becoming progressively more complex. There is a growing challenge for providers to be able to manage data in a way where they can make the best decisions to improve patient care as well as improving their financial results.

ORIZON360°'s Healthcare Business Intelligence technology will help physicians and practitioners with:

  • Organizing and integrating disparate data from any number of sources and turn raw into meaningful and actionable information
  • Disease Management
  • Integrate any number of complex risk arrangements and instantly see adjudicated financials
  • Utilization
  • Quality Improvement
  • Clinical Patient Profiling
  • Patient Population
  • Medical Risk Assessment
  • HEDIS®

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ORIZON360° Can help you answer the following questions in 10 seconds or less, anywhere, at any time, without IT or financial analysts:

  • What is the 30 day readmission rate?
  • What diseases or clinical conditions are contributing to my readmit rate, and what is their mix?
  • Will my current readmission rate affect my reimbursement?
  • Is my readmission rate excessive?
  • Which patient(s) has the highest readmission rate?
  • What can I do to address the issue?
Maintaining the combination of good clinical outcomes along with a "healthy" financial position has never been more important to hospital administrators and providers. The key to success will largely depend on the hospital's ability to quickly and clearly identify opportunities for improvement and implement solutions.

ORIZON360°'s web based hospital analytics solution will quickly provide your organization with the needed technology and high quality analytics needed to monitor your hospitalization's metrics both clinically and financially.