Advanced Analytics

Healthcare data analytics with rockerbox® is unmatched. You can now leverage data in ways that make a difference.

Tailored to meet the requirements of each client, the rockerbox® analytics platform is designed for financial management and population management of at-risk managed care organizations.

  • Instantly see revenue and expenses for any subset of members or providers or health conditions. Analyze expenses by and compare them to any time period or metric. Identify gaps and opportunities to marshal resources where they are needed most.

  • rockerbox® DERIVES information from data. Instantly calculates MLR and IBNR for any subset of population or providers. Derives utilization patters on demand.

  • rockerbox® reconciles financials to your general ledger for 100% confidence.

  • Add any number of complex risk arrangements and see your financials adjudicated for every condition of every risk contract – instantly.

  • Study any clinical parameters to reveal referral patterns, analyze utilization, and manage population. Identify your best providers or most costly members. Be empowered with powerful contracting tools.

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